International Symposium on Design and Innovative Technologies


Dear Colleagues,

we hope that this symposium gives us an opportunity to present new achievements - design ideas in multidisciplinary environment, materials, technologies - and new methods in education regarding the processing industry area. This event focuses on innovation, technics, education in textile, garment and leather industry as well as problems and common teaching possibilities in the european higher education area.

  • new materials and structures,
  • design,
  • eco concepts in light industry,
  • fashion,
  • innovative constructions,
  • modelling and simulation,
  • analysis, testing and metrology,
  • education.

This event is part of IJCELIT 2015. Information about abstract submission, deadlines, registration fee can be found under "General Information".


Prof. Dr. Jelka Gersak (University of Maribor)
Prof. Dr. Judit Borsa (Obuda University)
Dr. Vitaliy Gerasimov (Mukachevo State University, Ukraine)
Dr. Marianna Halasz (Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary)
Dr. Marta Kisfaludy (Obuda University)
Dr. Levente Denes (University of West-Hungary)
Dr. Lorant Fodor (Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary)
Dr. Edit Csanak (Obuda University)
Dr. Livia Kokas Palicska (Innovatext, Hungary)