Preliminary program of the conference

Graphic Communictations Technology Workshop 2015
19th November, Thursday
14:00 SESSION 1 -- Gara Auditorium
14:00 Evaluation of light stability of liquid crystal inksMaja Jakovljevic, Marta Klanjsek Gunde, Branka Lozo
14:20 Causes of noise in gray component replacement Davor Donevski, Diana Milcic, Sanja Mahovic Poljacek, Tomislav Cigula
14:40The influence of the printing plate's temperature on its wetting propertiesTomislav Cigula, Sanja Mahovic Poljacek, Tamara Tomasegovic, Diana Milcic
15:00Determining color of goniochromatic prints using DSLR cameraIvana Tomic, Dragoljub Novakovic, Ana Gebejes, Ales Hladnik, Sandra Dedijer
15:40SESSION 2
15:40Embossing tools production using FDM 3D printing technologyJelena Zarko, Dragoljub Novakovic, Gojko Vladic, Magdolna Pal, Sandra Dedijer
16:00Studies on the social judgement of paper-based communication in a special environmentCsaba Horvath, Erzsebet Novotny
16:20Comparative study on the applicability of copper and silicone stamp forms used for surface hot foil stamping at Hungarian Banknote Printing Ltd.Piroska Prokai, Csaba Horvath, Katalin Berneczei
16:40Colorimetric analysis of aged digital printsAkos Borbely
17:20Research of student's employability and competiveness in graphic and creative industries - ternds, chances, barriers and needsNemanja Kasikovic, Neda Milic, Dragoljub Novakovic
17:253D printing in packagingTamasne Nyitrai E. Cecilia, Alexandra Weber
17:30Corrugated board playhouse Designed in life-size for infantsTamasne Nyitrai E. Cecilia, Orsolya Regenbach
17:35Possibilites of flexo printing plate elements characterisation by image processingSandra Dedjier, Magdolna Pal, Zivko Pavlovic, Gojko Vladic, Dragoljub Novakovic
17:40Mechanical Analysis of Paper-Polyethylene(LDPE) and Paper-Polyethylene(LDPE)-Aluminum(Al) Samples from Recycling Drink CartonLaszlo Koltai, Anita Szabo
17:45The effects of sodium silicate adhesive on the mechanical properties of corrupadsLaszlo Koltai, Oliver Bajnoczki
17:50The impact of digital technologies on writing and reading habitsRozalia Szentgyorgyvolgyi, Szilvia Orto, Erzsebet Novotny, Csaba Horvath
17:55Analysing the assessment scales in opinion surveysVera Gondor, Zoltan Kertesz
18:00Influence of packaging shape on a price presumptionGojko Vladic, Nemanja Kasikovic, Sandra Dedijer, Mladen Stancic, Stefan Durdevic
18:05R&R methodology using for classification of fingerprint recognition Tibor Gregasz, Sandor Kapitany
18:10Ecologically designed planting calender Klementina Mozina, Nina Rojc, Blaz Rat
18:15Sustainability inspections in printing industryIstvan Mecsei, Csaba Horvath
18:20Impacts of the characteristics of unexpected breakdowns on the maintenance of modern printing machinesCsaba Horvath, Istvanne Rathy, Lajos Fazekas
18:25The analysis of stockpiling at a companyAron Takacs